Renoir Reincarnated

For as long as I can remember, school vacation times like March Break meant one of a few activities was bound to take place. One place in particular that you could usually find me on school breaks was at Crack Pot Studio. Unless you are from the Oakville area, I am guessing you probably have not heard about Crack Pot. Don’t worry though, I’ve created a Storify here that gives a quick explanation of this awesome place.

Basically, it’s a business that lets people go in and either paint a pre-made ceramic item or sculpt their own piece. Last year I went with a friend and painted a mug/tea pot set that I have been using all the time since. My art skills are fantastically subpar, as you can see from my sad attempt to paint an image of a dog that for some reason always makes me laugh (my sense of humour is sad, I know, I know).


a poorly painted pot

my favourite tea set feat. my favourite dog

They have a wide variety of ceramics to choose from and my house is absolutely filled with random knick-knacks and mugs that myself and my siblings have painted over the years. There are a great selection of paint colours to choose from as well as various stencils and other tools for making your piece just how you want. Once you are happy with the painting, you leave it behind and they will fire it in the kiln for you. A short while later you can go back and pick up your masterpiece.

If you want to get even more hands-on, you can sign up for classes or even host an event where you work with clay to create your own pieces.

If you can find a place like Crack Pot Studio near where you live, I would wholeheartedly recommend you go check it out. Even if you are as terrible at painting as I am, you can just relax and laugh at your “artwork”, then take it home to proudly display for all to gawk at.